Free Love Spells for A Specific Person

The term spell brings to mind the witchcraft, magic pots, and green, red and yellow vapors rising out of the cauldron stirred by the witch draped in a pointed black hat and long shabby gown.

Love spells are practiced since times immemorial across various cultures and civilization in the ancient world. Even today, different types of spells, specifically love spells mentioned in ancient literature and history texts, is being practiced.

What is a love spell


Love spells reinforce your confidence to find love and nurture it through chants, mantras, prayers, and affirmations.  Love spells can be cast or practiced if you’ve had a series of bad relationships that have drained you off your confidence to find love and affection.

Whom to turn to when your love fails

Consider visiting a healer. A healer is a person who practices spells and also helps others find true love through love spells. The healer, after listening to your woes, would provide you the instructions that need to be followed diligently in the form of chants or prayers

Three Free spells one can practice to attract a specific person

Love spell to attract a specific person’s love

You are interested in someone and want to attract his/her love but are shy to make the first move. Here is what you can do.
Sit in a calm and quiet place and focus on the person you are targeting. If you have the target’s photo, place it in front of you. Look at it intently to establish a connection. Visualize that you are in love with the target. Now turn your attention on controlling the thought of that person until you cannot control it any further.
Relax and keep calm – it takes around 24 hours for this spell to work.

Throat singing Love Spell

This spell has been practiced since ancient times. To try this love spell, you need to be well rested and relaxed for the first five days and then go on a fast for the next three days. On the day you plan to cast the spell, ensure that the specific person is in your vicinity. Before you cast the love spell, sit down with your back straight and relaxed. Close your eyes, focus, and chant the following.

Chant your lover’s name multiple times.
Ask your intent to hear your call
Ask him/her to love you.

Repeat these over and over again. Once you feel you have repeated the chants for some time, seal the love spell by telling that your beloved should love you, listen to you, and fall for you.

Heart shaped love spell

If you are running short of time and want to cast the spell on a specific person, here is what you can do.

Make a heart using your hands. It’s not necessary that it has to be perfect. Visualize the person on whom you want to cast the spell and chant “bring me the love of my life ‘name of the person’ to me, thank you spirits of love for hearing me.” Repeat this a couple of times.