How Does Clairvoyance Work

The term clairvoyance is taken from the two French words ‘Claire’ and ‘Voyance’, meaning ‘Clear Vision or Fortune Telling’. This science has been in practice since ancient times in all cultures and civilizations. The people who practice clairvoyance are called clairvoyants.

Who are clairvoyants

Clairvoyants are soothsayers who have a paranormal ability to obtain information through observations of people, objects, and location without using their sensory organs of smell, touch, taste, sight, or sound. They are able to visualize events that have happened in the past or will happen in the future.

These clairvoyants can see the people who were in your life, currently in your life, and who will enter in the future with the help of spirits. In brief, a clairvoyant is the medium through which the spirit communicates to tell your fortune.

Three types of clairvoyants

The clairvoyants can be segregated into three types based on their visualizing and soothsaying ability.

Retrocognition – Clairvoyant can see and derive information from past events, and this includes the people.
Remote viewing – They have the ability to see the events that happened in the present and in recent developments. These clairvoyants can see people at another point in time.
Precognition – Precognitive clairvoyants can read future events.

How does clairvoyance work

The question “how does clairvoyance work” is complicated and does not have a direct answer or step by step instructions to explain how it works. To give a one-word answer, clairvoyance is associated with electromagnetic and cosmic energy. The electromagnetic waves, or energies, are nothing but your emotions, thoughts, and intentions.

A clairvoyant is able to communicate with the universe or the spirit of the world using his/her “third eye” or “inner eye.” Another point worth mentioning here is that two clairvoyants are not alike and they work differently.  That is the way they communicate with the spirit of the universe would be different

Clairvoyance using images, colors and movies


When a clairvoyant uses images to communicate, the spirit will blend the soothsayer’s aura and then inspire them to read or absorb the messages given in the images. Here, you need to know that the spirit does not possess the clairvoyant, but it only blends with the aura to communicate


The primary colors that you see around you have a meaning attached to it. Some clairvoyants tell the past, present, and the future using the colors to communicate with the spirit. For instance, for one clairvoyant, the color blue stands for calmness and may indicate that the spirit was a calm person or even a great orator.


The movies here do not mean cinema but instead imply that the clairvoyant is able to see the events that happened in the past or will happen in the near future in his/her mind like a movie. Here, the spirit a clairvoyant communicates with runs the events or memories like a short movie. The clairvoyant uses these images to tell one’s fortune.


Clairvoyance is the science of the non-physical world. Through meditation and open-mindedness, anyone can train their sense organs to read, see, and listen to the signs of nature and the universe.