What is Spiritual healing? How can it help you?

Often, we find ourselves unable to enjoy the fruits of our success – why is this? Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you try, there seems to be something holding you back in life? Maybe you’ve incurred a curse by someone or are a victim to black magic. Spiritual healing can help you rid yourself of this negativity and go on with your life.

Being cursed is an extreme example. Spiritual healing can help you in your everyday life too. As we progress in our lives, we face many traumatic events and accidents that we wish we hadn’t been subject to. While we nurse our body and even our mind into shape, we forget that we are made of our spirit too.

If our spirit stays unhealed, it will not be able to meet the daily rigors of life. As such, this spiritual inability to cope will eventually tell on our physical and mental health too.

Humans are made of mind-body-spirit. All of these faculties/states are interdependent. When one suffers, the others are similarly affected. If our spiritual health is poor, our mental health and physical health cannot stay unimpacted.

It is necessary to tackle problems that are posed to us on the spirit plane. Solutions for our mental/physical wellbeing do not apply in such situations. Only spiritual healing can counteract spiritual injuries/threats.

Spiritualist Danso is the best spiritualist to help in healing your spirit, who also belongs to the House of Danso – generations and generations of African spirit guides. He will help remove any dark forces that might be making your life difficult and ease you onto a path in life, rife with opportunities.

Spiritualist Danso works under the aegis of Danso International Inc, which offers its services in different parts of the world. It no longer matters whether you are in Africa, Europe, or India – Danso is ready to provide his services like only the best spiritualist can!

Spiritualist Danso Will Make Sure you are Comfortable

When you seek out psychic spiritual healer Spiritualist Danso for his faith healing services, you can trust that he will prioritize your ease and comfort. A lot of the times, such services fail to work effectively because the subject of this spiritual or faith healing are not tuned into the ritual. It is necessary for the client to be adequately comfortable in their surroundings so they are able to focus during the energy healing ritual. Spiritualist Danso makes sure that every client visiting him to seek his spiritual energy healing feels safe, secure and at ease around him and with the prospect of participating in a faith healing procedure. Some spiritual healers try to make their clients sufficiently relaxed by having them lie down on a massage table during the ritual. Others prefer to have their clients sit upright. Spiritualist Danso will ask you which is more comfortable for you and have you do the same. Healing your spirit can sometimes involve touch. If Spiritualist Danso believes touch is a necessary component of the faith healing exercise he intends to begin, he will ask your consent before and only proceed forward if you assent to the idea. If not, he might effect energy healing by having his hands a couple inches from your body or simply by sitting opposite to you

Some Spiritual Healing Techniques You Should Know About

Several means and methods of practicing spiritual energy healing exist. Some of the different ways are – faith healing, Reiki, Chakra therapy, psychic healing and Pranic healing.

In Chakra therapy, a trained psychic spiritual healer tries to balance the various chakras or energy centers within your body. These spiritual energy centers can become blocked, stressed, or disbalanced in the face of significant external stressors. In turn, they can lead to increased mental stress and manifest as anxiety/depression and even negatively impact our bodily organs. Spiritual healing methods such as Pranic healing, Polarity therapy and Reiki can specifically address and tend to Chakra health. Master spiritual healers of the world can use these techniques to observe the position and condition of your Chakras and channel healing light and energy across them, if they suspect that your Chakras could do with unblocking. Energy blockages can occur in any part of our body and the same method can be used to unblocking them. Once your energy blockage has been corrected, you feel overwhelmingly positive and uplifted in mood almost immediately.

Spiritualist Danso is a powerful spiritual healer who is also well nuanced in acting as a medium. Besides being able to perform almost any kind of spiritual energy healing process to bring you health and healing, he can also communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Our guardian angels and spirit guides reside on a realm of the world which is inaccessible to us, regular mortals. However, expert spiritualists and mediums can train themselves to travel in and out of this realm. They teach themselves how to interact with these supernatural beings, to be able to access their wisdom and learning. Spirits are more attuned to the Universal energy and have access to a wealth of knowledge that us, humans, do not. They can foretell what is in store for us in the future and give us helpful suggestions and advice. However, these guardian angels and spirits are not permitted to communicate with us directly. They do try to send us messages covertly though, but most of the times we do not have the insight or eye to tease out this communication from our environment. Powerful mediums and a psychic spiritual healer like Spiritualist Danso can help you access these incredibly important messages from your guardian spirits and help you in decoding them. You can act on the suggestions sent to you by your guardian angels to improve your spiritual wellbeing further.

Why You Should Experience Spiritual Energy Healing

Opting for spiritual healing opens up a wide range of health and wellness benefits for you. While almost anybody can reap the advantages of engaging with spirit healing, the ones who will gain the most are people who have been let down by traditional medicine and therapy. If surgery, medication, physical therapy has failed to bring about a full recovery for you, you are advised to seek out Spiritualist Danso’s spiritual healing services.

Spiritual energy healing can often heal you when other means of healing have failed. These subtle processes can effectively heal or reduce symptoms for many chronic, relapsing and nagging health complaints. In addition, it can be extremely empowering for you, the client, as the healer trains and skills you in how to better your own spiritual health with time. He/she does not keep this knowledge limited to themselves and for the duration of the time you pay for their services, unlike with other healing and therapy practices. If you are sensitive, not fond of unnecessary pill-popping, suffering from a chronic problem and haven’t noticed much improvement in your condition despite being in prolonged medical treatment, you are recommended to give us a call. You may also contact Spiritualist Danso for helping you figure out the root cause behind your listlessness, anxiety and unhappiness. Wishing you love, light, recovery and speedy wellbeing for your spirit!

Heal your body


Children are a gift from God and you should enjoy the fruit of your love and the fulfilling experience of parenting.   Is your heart’s desire to be a mummy or a daddy and it seems imposable because you’ve been struggling to conceive?  The joy of a baby will change your life forever.  If your desire is to have your very own baby know that it’s not imposable with a little help from spiritual Danso.


DO NOT abandon the advice of your doctor as our methods work in conjunction with your doctor’s medical advice.

Sickness & Disease

This does not have to be your plight in life.  You deserve to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Let us help you achieve and enjoy the benefits of the life you deserve

Depression and Mental Illness

Mental health and symptoms of feeling melancholy seem to be very common today in our society and are by no means anything to be ashamed of.  What’s important is if you struggle in this area and you find yourself tormented from the stress of life or evil spirits maybe you’re hearing voices and seeing things you can’t explain; if you are suicidal and fighting depression spiritual Danso will help you overcome your challenges now.

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Please note that result may vary for each person depending on the issue faced and the actions that were taken by the person. My method against sickness works well with your doctor’s advice. Please make sure you follow your doctor’s advice while treating the disease on a spiritual level.