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Money is an important element in our daily lives. It is true that money does not bring happiness but without money, it is not possible to afford the basic stuff that we need daily. If you have no money, you will not be able to buy food, clothes or travel around the word. We can thus say that money does not bring happiness but it contributes in bringing happiness. It is practically impossible to think with an empty stomach, when winter comes we need to have heaters and warm clothes. For all of these needs, money is needed. Spiritual Danso will show a way to attract money .

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Benefits of money 

Every area of your life requires money. Your very survival literally depends on it.

That is why my approach to the money issue ensures that one will gradually acquire wealth in whichever way they desire; whether it is through work, business or simply luck.


You will have to follow my instructions and never doubt in yourself and also never doubt on the spirit you are invoking in your life.

All you have to do is tell me your monetary goals and let me guide you to them.

Why do you need money

We all work hard when we are trying to reach a certain goal. Imagine waking up in the morning and going to your shop, at the end of the day you notice that more people visited your competitor but did not come into your shop. What do you think happen? If you are doing everything you can to improve customer satisfaction, you should normally benefit from an increase in revenue.

But we have to note that regardless of the actions taken; if we are not blessed in our work, we will not do well. Using my knowledge, will enable you to open up the sky and let blessings come into your life in monetary form.



This millennium has brought about much financial grief and economic hardship and fear of the unknown.  People are struggling individually and collectively (country, business, family).  Downsizing and job stability is a challenge everywhere.  If you are having difficulty finding a job or getting the job you want, if it’s taking much longer than you anticipated to find work, don’t sit and suffer, take control of your future and let Spiritualist Danso assist you…

Financial Breakthrough

Have you said recently “I need more money,” ?  “My bills have taken over my life” ? Or are u simply unhappy because you are living from paycheck to paycheck.  This is not the life that God intended for you to live.  It’s time to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  If you want to experience abundance and economic freedom then your time is now.



If you are being overlooked on your job and you don’t understand why;  if there is no growth and you feel stagnant; if people all around you are climbing the ladder of success more quickly than you and you are more qualified than them, then it’s time to take your life back. Sometimes the problem is bigger than you and you need help and guidance to propel you into your destiny.

Business Success

Not everyone was born to be a successful businessman and not every season is the right time to start a business.  If you know beyond a doubt that you are an Entrepreneur and you want to make sure that you are embarking on the right business idea; or maybe you are not sure when you should  start your business or perhaps you’ve already started and it’s not fairing as well as you anticipated,  know that all is not lost.  Don’t accept this mediocrity as your reality, let DII give you the answers you need for the success you desire.

Bless your work

Bless your business

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Please note that result may vary for each person depending on the issue faced and the actions that were taken by the person. My method against sickness works well with your doctor’s advice. Please make sure you follow your doctor’s advice while treating the disease on a spiritual level.