What does dreaming about animals mean?

A dream interpretation can be seen in all cultures and civilization since biblical times. People believe that dreams are ways by which the Universe and God communicate with us.

If your dreams include animals, there’s a dream interpretation for that too. It had been recorded way back during the biblical times and is still used by the soothsayers and fortune-tellers of today.

How animals seen in one’s dream are interpreted?

When you see an animal in your dreams, it is interpreted as some aspects of your character depending on the nature and quality of the animal. Here are a few examples.

Wrestling with an animal – It shows that you are having a conflict with your own conduct or behavior. It could be either your unpleasant or pleasant behavior that you are currently experiencing with people around you or with whom you interact in your day to day life.

Wounded animal – Based on the predominant character of an animal, it would be interpreted as your feelings will be dampened due to certain events or precious objects being lost.

Dead animal – It is interpreted as a drastic change in your emotions and thoughts. A dead animal may also mean that you are overcoming your loss or any problems in your personal and professional life and taking important steps to improve.

Baby animal – It reflects the healing of the body and mind. A baby animal is also interpreted as new hope or renewed belief in oneself.

What seeing each animal indicates

During biblical times and even today, people believe that God sends a myriad of signs regarding his hand in molding our fate and destiny through the dreams we see.

Animals play a significant part and are a sign of God communicating with us on our relationships, career, friends, and finance. Here are a few animals that have been mentioned in the bible and what they indicate about you and your prospective future.

  • Alligator means you have to be vigilant as there are dangers lurking.
  • Birds – Birds symbolizes spirits. It could be either a good one or an evil.
  • Camel indicates a long journey in the near future. This journey could be difficult and unfruitful.
  • Cow is a sign of prosperity.
  • Deer indicates the person you are interacting with or planning to interact with has a timid personality, is sure-footed, and yet graceful in nature.
  • Donkey is the sign of gentle strength and patience. On the negative side, it could also mean stubborn nature.
  • Eagle means prophetic calling.
  • Fox is a sign of evil, sly, and cunning people who are currently surrounding you. It is a warning that you need to be careful, or else you might lose something precious.
  • Horse emphasises power and strength. A black horse means bad times while a white horse is a sign of salvation.
  • Leopard denotes vengeance and danger.
  • Lion is connected with kingship, royalty, bravery, and confidence. Remember that Jesus is known as the ” Lion of the Judah tribe.”
  • Snake denotes deception, bitterness, and lies.

The biblical dream interpretation of animals can indicate both the negative and positive reflection.