Free Money spells that work


Money is required to do pretty much everything. Everyone has faced situations where they’ve needed some extra money regardless of how much money they save and how careful they are with the money they have. While money can come through dedicating time and commitment, there are other ways of making money such as through. One of the other ways of making money is through money spells that work right away. Let’s take a look at some of these money spells that work right away.

1. Make the energy flow for you


This spell’s effects can be felt after the first day. It should also be performed for a week. Take a silver bowl, two green-colored candles, and some coins. After lighting the candles, hold them in your hands and look into the bowl. Imagine that your bowl is filling up with money which is slowly overflowing over the edges. Make sure you concentrate while doing this. Next, focus on winning. It can be anything. You may focus on winning the lottery or receiving an unexpected inheritance. After this, take the candles and place them next to the bowl on both sides. While doing this, place the coins around it clockwise while chanting this sentence: “Shiny money flows, it comes to me in abundance and multiplies every day.” You’ll need to chant this sentence seven times before you put the last coin in the circle around the bowl. Now blow out the candles. Take the dish and put it in a prominent place in your house. Every time you walk past it, take one coin from the circle and put it into the bowl. When you wake up to a new day, empty the coins from the bowl and repeat the ritual while using the same coins. After the seventh day, make sure you don’t move the bowl. Finally, make sure you put coins into the bowl from time to time as well as occasionally empty it. This will make sure that the white magic and the effects of the spell will work.

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2. Calling for money

This spell needs to be performed on a night with a full moon. Fill a bowl with water and then place a silver coin in it. Place the bowl near the window so that the moonlight falls on the water. Hold the bowl firmly with your left hand while gently circling it with your right hand in a clockwise direction. Say the following spell while doing the above, “Beautiful goddess of the moon, bring me my wealth and fill my arms with silver and gold. Everything you give me, my wallet can receive.” Make sure you repeat the spell thrice and then spill the water onto the ground. Put the coin into your wallet and then spend it as soon as you can. This will jumpstart the energy of money to flow. This spell is great for beginners because it’s easy and doesn’t need any special ingredients.

These are truly money spells that work right away. Make sure you follow these instructions perfectly as they won’t work if performed incorrectly. All of this is white magic, which means that you don’t need to worry about revenge from the universe or karma.