The outcome of protection spells that work may take as little as a day or as long as several weeks to be felt. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t noticed anything manifesting within four weeks, you might need to revisit your working. There are other traditions such as Hoodoo and rootwork encompassing protection spells that work over a specific period. In addition to this, you should know that different spells work at different speeds. A spell to cure an illness might work quicker than a spell to attract money, a love spell or a luck changing spell. Instead of worrying about whether the spell is taking effect or not, go on with your life as usual. Keep a magic journal so that you can record what you did, when you did it, the circumstances, and so on. If you write everything down, you’ll be able to look back and see if it has begun to manifest.

Protection Spells Protect your home


These protection spells that work protect your home as well as the people within it from dark influences and energies. You will need three nails for each door in your home. Iron nails work the best while wrought iron and handmade are the best of all. If you can’t find these, modern nails will also work. Take the nails and put them into a small jar. The jar must be made of glass and a size large enough to hold the nails close together. You must then perform the spell in a consecrated Circle which has been prepared properly during the waxing moon or full moon. Take the jar and put it on top of the altar, atop the pentacle. While reciting the words of the spell, perform the following actions.

  • Sprinkle the nails with a bit of consecrated salt.
  • Move the jar over one of the altar candles in a circular pattern.
  • Next, pass the jar of nails through the smoke of the incense in a circular pattern.
  • Put the jar back on the pentacle and then sprinkle the nails with a bit of the consecrated water.

The spell is as follows.

Born of Earth, of metal strong. Forged in Fire, made sharp and long. Worked in Air, the hammers beat. Quenched in Water, and so complete. Next, drive three nails into the frame of each doorway in your home. The nails must be driven on the inside of the portal. The first nail must be driven into the top of the frame at the center point, while the second and third nails must be driven into the base on the right-hand side and the left-hand side. To finish up, give the first nail a strike to complete the triangle around the door.   The nails will guard your home from dark energies that would do you harm. The jar can be cleaned and reused after each doorway has been protected. Make sure your home is cleansed before setting up such protection spells that work. Dark entities may become trapped inside because they’d be unable to get past your defenses.