How to Find Happiness

Not a single person on this Earth isn’t striving to find happiness. But happiness is elusive and certainly not found that easily. For some people, happiness comes from materials. Others find joy in friends and family. And yet others are most content when they are able to bask in nature and be their authentic selves. So how does one find happiness?

The mistake most of us make while trying to find happiness is looking for contentment outside of us. The search has to begin within ourselves If our spirit is happy and taken care of, our mind and body also become satisfied.

Eastern philosophy espouses that we possess happiness within us which we are able to increase with time as we progress on our spiritual path and come closer to God. All of us are born with this inner spiritual light which dims as we transcend through life and its difficulties. However, it is upon us whether we let these hurdles dim our spirit or try to hold on to this feeling of happiness and contentment driving us forward.

Ways We Can Employ to Find Happiness

Meditation – There is nothing like some self-reflection and meditation to awaken our spirit and make us realize what essentially forms our core. Those who meditate regularly are calmer and better able to deal with life stresses. They understand that the trials and tribulations one faces in their life are temporal. By doing this, they are able to prioritize their personal well-being over everyday issues that attempt to interfere with their mental health.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness and meditation are closely related. Mindfulness, in essence, propagates living fully in the present without allowing our minds to wander into worries about our past or future. When you focus on being happy in the present moment, you will find that the task becomes a lot easier. Bothering about what could be or what has been in the past only stops you from being able to live the current moment to the fullest.

Practicing ahimsa – “Ahimsa” or non-violence asks us to control our anger and desire for revenge. Anger is an incredibly strong emotion and could wreak havoc into our lives if we let it. When faced with a situation that demands a confrontation, take a step back and ponder over whether it is worth your time and energy to enter into this confrontation. Let the other party act offensively. Don’t react in kind yourself. You will have a clear conscience and this will help you maintain your peace and calm

Can We Hold onto Happiness?

If we depend on other people or things to make us happy, happiness can be a rare gift. However, when we realize that we ourselves are the only ones who’re solely responsible for our own satisfaction, we can try to incorporate habits and practices into our lifestyle which will help us find happiness. Such a joy would be challenging to daunt!

May you too find your inner light and happiness. Best wishes.